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While each and every client who enters the Turtle Ridge Healing Center drug rehab center will receive a customized treatment plan that is hand-tailored to address their personal issues, there are certain elements of treatment that will appear more frequently.

One element of treatment that will appear in the addiction recovery treatment plan of many different clients is supervised detox.

Supervised detox is involves having our trained and experienced staff on hand as your body goes through the process of purging any remaining toxins from the bloodstream. This process can often be accompanied by a variety of different symptoms of withdrawal, which can make detox a very daunting proposition. In fact, many of those who are attempting to get off drugs without seeking help run into problems when they try to go cold turkey. Cold turkey means cessation of drug use by one’s self without any outside support. Unfortunately, cold turkey can often lead to extreme symptoms of withdrawal, which in some cases can lead a person back to substance abuse in order to mitigate those symptoms.

Get the one-on-one therapy and attention to detail necessary to vent your problems and receive real advice.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment will provide the full-scope of treatment that will facilitate your mental health and get you on the right track.

Customized treatment will have your personal needs met and will consider your unique situation. You and your addiction are completely unique, you need treatment designed around you.

Group therapy allows you to share your story, listen to others, and exchange valuable advice.

The community that is bonded through group sessions will motivate, inspire, and enrich you.

You'll have the opportunity to learn that you are not alone, and that help is available.